Tea Party Patriots React to House Judiciary Committee Calling Hearings to Examine Misconduct of IRS Commissioner

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ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots co-founder and CEO Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today reacting to news the House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings to examine the misconduct of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.


“On behalf of the Tea Party Patriots, which was targeted by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents and has long called for the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, we applaud the House Judiciary Committee for calling hearings into his misconduct but that is the least it could do. Both House and Senate committees investigated the targeting of Americans by the IRS, an issue that hits very close to home for Tea Party Patriots. In the course of the various inquiries, it became evident that the IRS used their ever-growing power to target individuals solely because of their political beliefs, an attack that violates the very personal freedoms that we cherish as Americans. Frankly, we are still waiting for someone to hold Lois Lerner accountable for her role in directing the targeting of Americans, but we also believe it’s important to hold Commissioner Koskinen accountable. We hope the facts uncovered by the House Judiciary Committee in these hearings will lead to impeachment proceedings against John Koskinen for his misconduct as IRS Commissioner.”