Tea Party Patriots are Hopeful the House Judiciary Committee will Move Forward with Impeachment Proceedings for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen

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ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots CEO and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today ahead of the House Judiciary Committee holding hearings today into the misconduct of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.


“Years after President Obama’s IRS admitted to targeting Americans for their political beliefs, no one at the agency has been held accountable for their misconduct. Lois Lerner was never charged for directing the targeting and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who was appointed to clean up the mess after the targeting was revealed, has made false statements under oath, failed to comply with a subpoena from Congress and allowed IRS employees to destroy key evidence. Despite this lack of accountability at the IRS, Congress seemed to overlook misconduct by IRS employees until Rep. Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Meadows (R-NC) recently threatened to force a vote to impeach Commissioner Koskinen. We are thankful to Reps. Jordan and Meadows and to the House Judiciary Committee for calling hearings into misconduct on the part of Commissioner Koskinen. While we are disappointed that Mr. Koskinen and the IRS decided it was not important enough to show up to answer questions from the people’s representatives, we are hopeful the committee will move forward with impeachment proceedings and finally deliver some accountability to the IRS for abusing its immense power over Americans.”