Jenny Beth Martin: Facebook seems to be in ‘a state of constant, continual improvement’ after meeting between Mark Zuckerberg and conservative leaders at Facebook HQ


ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots CEO and Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin who attended the meeting last week between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and conservative leaders, released the following statement today lending her impressions from the meeting last week.

“Facebook researched historical data related to the allegations and interviewed people who were involved as employees, contractors, and those who were allegedly impacted to determine what happened and how they can make the system better. They have come up with theories and solutions to make Trending Topics better in the future. Time will tell if the changes have a positive impact or not. I am confident Facebook will evaluate how they can continually improve their algorithms with trending topics and their algorithms throughout their entire platform. They seem to be in a state of constant, continual improvement.

“I am hopeful that the dialogue and discussions that began in the last week will continue and if there are additional problems that arise they can be resolved in a timely and efficient manner.”