Here’s what you have to go through to become a hair braider in some states

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If our leaders really wanted to create jobs, they could start by keeping government from crushing small business ventures.

In yet another example of bloated regulation, an Institute for Justice report has found that burdensome licensing laws require hair braiders to spend as much as 2,100 hours in training and thousands of dollars on tuition. These barriers prevent entrepreneurs, many of whom are lower-income, from working at a job that many learned in childhood and have practiced for years.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

The report also finds that these requirements kill jobs and prevent hair braiders with less capital from entering the job market.

“To get a license, workers may be required to complete hours of education or training, pay fees, pass exams, or meet other qualifications such as reaching a minimum age, becoming bonded or passing a background check,” the report states. “Such requirements are particularly burdensome for lower-income and less-educated individuals, minorities, immigrants and others trying to gain a foothold on the economic ladder.”

Industry insiders often promote occupational licensing since it protects established businesses from increased competition by blocking new entrants. In addition, some institutions, such as cosmetology schools stand to benefit from occupational licenses because hair braiders will have to pay tuition at their schools.

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