Gorsuch’s strong performance even wins over mainstream media, Dems

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Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch won over conservatives with his standout record, but his impeccable performance in Senate hearings this week has earned the judge praise from media figures and some Democrats as well.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin said it was clear Gorsuch knew more about the law than any of the senators asking him questions, Wolf Blitzer praised him as “very knowledgeable,” Patrick Healy said he had a “natural command,” and Gloria Borger called him “completely qualified and everybody knows it.”

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Gorsuch during the week over his prior rulings and originalist philosophy, but, in the words of NBC anchor Lester Holt, he proved “very tough for Democrats to rattle.” One ABC News reporter said efforts to stop Gorsuch were “scattershot” and “low-intensity.”

Democratic lawmakers Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) and Rep. John Yarmuth (D., Ky.) also had warm words for Gorsuch during television interviews this week, and the American Bar Association gave Gorsuch its highest rating of “well-qualified” to take a seat on the Supreme Court.

Despite Gorsuch’s strong performance and outstanding legal qualifications, Sen. Chuck Schumer is determined to stonewall his confirmation. Click here to join Tea Party Patriots and support a fair hearing and up or down vote from the Senate on Judge Gorsuch!