Coalition Building We have joined other conservative organizations and leaders to contact The White House, Republican Leadership, targeted members of Congress, and more through dozens of coalition letters Tea Party Patriots joined other like-minded organizations, sending an open letter to President Trump about a proposed Capital Gains Executive Order. We called on Congress to be…Read More
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Help Support President Trump's Nominees In November, President Donald Trump won the White House to the surprise of the intolerant left who discounted the values and principles that most people in middle America hold dear. Now, the same intolerant left-wing establishment is doubling down on their mockery of traditional, middle-class American values by hurling insults…Read More
We are calling for all FL, OH, PA, IN, and MT patriots to make a visit to one of our street rallies on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 (noon local time) in support of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. The intolerant left is beside themselves at the fact that Donald Trump will be the next…Read More

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency – a pick dripping with poetic justice as Pruitt has been at the forefront of pushing back on President Obama’s industry-crushing emissions regulations. The Washington Free Beacon: Pruitt, a Republican, is a close ally of the fossil fuel industry…

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