When It Comes to Immigration, Democrats Are Out of Touch with America

Trump is in touch with his base

Top Democrats argue that the majority of Americans disagree with President Trump on his immigration stance and claim that he is out of touch with his base; they couldn’t be more wrong.

Fox News has ‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton’s commentary:

Sixty percent of Americans support President Trump on the wall. Last time I looked, 60 percent was a majority. If that’s the base, President Trump is looking really good for 2020.

And there’s another Trump immigration proposal that 60 percent of Americans actually support, but which the establishment dismissed as immoral, racist, fascist, etc. And that is putting a citizenship question on the census. Yes, 60 percent agree with that idea, even if, as the poll question put it, fewer people might fill out the questionnaire.

On to asylum claims. When the president says there’s widespread abuse of the asylum rules, that many who claim asylum aren’t really fleeing persecution, the Democrats and the establishment media scream that’s racist, that he’s just riling up his base. Is he?

Well, more people agree with President Trump on this one, too.

Free health care for illegal immigrants. Who supports that? Well turns out it’s 38 percent. And 59 percent of Americans oppose it. Even in deep blue loony left bastion California, a majority oppose this. So much for the line about red meat for red states.

What about abolishing ice, another idea being pushed by the progressive Democrats? Just 25 percent of Americans agree, and a majority disagree. In fact, 51 percent of Americans.

A quarter of Americans want all illegal immigrants deported, regardless of whether they’ve committed another crime as well. And 45 percent want illegal immigrants who have committed another serious crime to be deported. And look how many support the no deportations position: 1 percent. Exactly 1 percent. Yes, we can confirm that when it comes to immigration, the Democrats really are the party of the 1 percent.

President Trump has been following through with his campaign promises and has been listening to his voters when it comes to immigration. It appears he is more in touch with his base than Democrats are with theirs. These Democratic lawmakers are catering to a small, radical group of people – not the average, working-class American. Democrats should consider what they’ll lose if they continue to push their open borders policies—policies that the majority of Americans don’t support. These lawmakers might find that 2020 will be a rough year for them.