TPP Action Rejects Biden $2 Trillion “Clean Energy” Plan


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in advance of Joe Biden’s speech calling for a $2 trillion “clean energy” plan. 

“Joe Biden is hopelessly, helplessly, haplessly liberal. Government spending and borrowing are already at record highs — last month’s deficit alone was $864 BILLION! — and yet he wants to spend an ADDITIONAL $2 trillion to deal with an issue (the so-called  ‘climate crisis’) that is more of a liberal fantasy than a real threat. We don’t need to bankrupt our country for ‘clean energy.’ Instead, we should double down on President Trump’s ‘energy dominance’ strategy, which doesn’t require a single dollar in government spending, has created hundreds of thousands of new, well-paying jobs, and is critical to our national security. The contrast between Trump’s successful pro-growth, pro-energy independence policies and Biden’s ‘Green New Deal Lite’ couldn’t be clearer, and that’s good news.”