TPP Action Reacts to Stimulus Bill Negotiations


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today about the latest developments in the stimulus bill negotiations. 

“Speaker Pelosi thinks she’s standing on firm ground with her oh-so-reasonable ‘let’s split the difference’ strategy. Sure, of course, it seems perfectly reasonable to meet in the middle — except that it’s not, because the high end the Democrats set is ridiculous to begin with. Under her thinking, if the House Democrats had passed a bill spending $10 trillion, and the Senate Republicans had set a floor of $1 trillion, ‘meeting in the middle’ would have set the spending level at $5.5 trillion. That’s just absurd.

“At some point, she’s got to recognize this is real money we’re talking about. It doesn’t grow on trees, and our children are going to have to repay this debt — or suffer the consequences.”