TPP Action Praises USMCA, Which Goes Into Effect Today


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement about the US-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, which officially goes into effect today. 

“The US-Mexico-Canada-Agreement is one of the President’s biggest accomplishments, and a true victory for American workers.  With the USMCA taking effect, American businesses will be better able to compete and win in the North American marketplace, putting us in an even stronger position to recover and rebuild as the pandemic loosens its grip. As recently as February, the unemployment rate was just 3.5 percent, wages were growing over 3 percent annually, and blue-collar workers were experiencing the biggest wage gains of all. None of that would have been possible without President Trump and his pro-growth policies. We can have the V-shaped recovery the President has promised — fueled in part by the USMCA — but we need the broken politicians and the biased media to stop spreading fear and get out of the way of the American people.”