Tonight’s Democratic Debate Question: Is Bernie Sexist?

Democratic Debates are typically filled with empty promises, so hearing calls for free healthcare, college, and more will be nothing new. But, something previously unexpected that will, undoubtedly, be discussed during tonight’s debate is the story that broke earlier this week.

Earlier this week CNN ran a story that claimed in a private 2018 meeting, Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren that a woman can’t win a Presidential election.

The stakes were high when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren met at Warren’s apartment in Washington, DC, one evening in December 2018. The longtime friends knew that they could soon be running against each other for president.

The two agreed that if they ultimately faced each other as presidential candidates, they should remain civil and avoid attacking one another, so as not to hurt the progressive movement. They also discussed how to best take on President Donald Trump, and Warren laid out two main reasons she believed she would be a strong candidate: She could make a robust argument about the economy and earn broad support from female voters.

Sanders responded that he did not believe a woman could win.

The description of that meeting is based on the accounts of four people: two people Warren spoke with directly soon after the encounter, and two people familiar with the meeting.

After publication of this story, Warren herself backed up this account of the meeting, saying in part in a statement Monday, “I thought a woman could win; he disagreed.”

Less than 48 hours before the debate, CNN released a story that will undoubtedly cause two of the top candidates to go head to head tonight. Long story short: expect an interesting debate tonight, plus all the normal nonsense.