The NYT Smear on Justice Kavanaugh is Part of a Larger Attack on the Judiciary


ATLANTA, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman, Jenny Beth Martin, released the following statement regarding a link between the New York Times piece smearing Justice Kavanaugh and a larger attack on the judiciary.

“When you take a step back you can see how this is all part of a coordinated, unprecedented attack on the independent judiciary. This latest smear did not occur in a vacuum. It occurred after several Democratic Senators attacked the Supreme Court in a letter they made public, after many Democratic presidential candidates openly expressed support for packing the courts to gain everlasting liberal majorities, and now after this attack many of these people are calling Justice Kavanaugh’s impeachment. They’re trying to intimidate him, other judges and anyone who aspires to be a judge, into ruling favorably for them. The message is clear: either hand down decisions that track with our liberal agenda or we’ll destroy you.”