Tea Party Patriots Actions Reacts to President Biden’s Comments on Inflation


ATLANTA, GA – President Biden held a press conference today trying to make a case for skyrocketing inflation and economic failures, but we all know it is because of his terrible liberal policies. Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement in reaction to President Biden’s comments:  

“President Biden continues to show he’s divorced from reality on the economy. His radically liberal agenda is creating disasters left and right. Americans have become increasingly frustrated with the current economy as inflation skyrockets and their hard-earned money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Inflation is so bad that the left is encouraging people to look for other foods to eat on Thanksgiving instead of turkey because of surging prices. President Biden’s continued push for what we used to think of as Bernie Sanders’ radical socialist agenda — but which has now been taken on as his own by President Biden — will surely cripple our economy even further if it’s passed. President Biden’s comments today are nothing more than an attempt to create a distraction from the crises that he has created. He needs to spend more time solving these problems, rather than making up excuses for them.”