Tea Party Patriots Action Supports the Trump Administration’s Swift Military Response to Escalating Tensions with Iran


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin responds to the deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln and a bomber task force in response to indications that Iran was planning an attack on U.S. forces:

“We took the lead opposing the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015 because we understood the existential threat a nuclear-armed Iran posed to the United States and our allies in the region. We applauded the Trump Administration’s decision last year to pull out of that disastrous deal and return to a tough sanctions regime as a means of pressuring Iran to end its nuclear weapon development program. Those tough economic sanctions are working, most notably in their desired effect of limiting Iran’s ability to finance terrorist operations. As anticipated, Iran is now threatening American allies and interests. That should surprise no one — Iran is a terrorist regime and an international bully. We fully support the Trump Administration’s swift response and clear message to Iran’s escalation of tensions in the Middle East.”