Tea Party Patriots Action Supports President Trump During Impeachment Efforts


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman, Jenny Beth Martin, responded to reports that the House will vote on Rep. Al Green’s impeachment efforts this week.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the American economy has finally broken out of its Obama-era stagnation and is now growing so fast it is the envy of the world. High-paying jobs are so plentiful that we have more job openings than we have unemployed laborers looking for work. Consequently, real wages are growing faster than inflation for the first time in memory, and America’s long-suffering middle class is finally beginning to catch up.

“Yet the Democrats in Congress, resentful and jealous of President Trump’s success, are determined to remove him from office, by hook or by crook. For more than two years, they told stories of collusion and conspiracy, of traitors and treason. When those attacks were proven false, they refused to recognize the crisis on the southern border — until, by denying the administration the emergency funding it needed to deal with the overwhelming assault in our southern flank, they were able to create intolerable conditions at our border-area detention centers to use against the President politically.

“Now the Democrats spend valuable floor time on silly resolutions that have no force of law and, more importantly, don’t do anything to lower the costs of healthcare, increase the likelihood of a son or daughter going to college, secure the border, or make a retirement more financially secure.

“The House of Representatives should vote down Rep. Green’s ridiculous resolution and get back to the people’s business.”