Tea Party Patriots Action Slams Biden Plan for Reopening Schools


Atlanta, GA – Today, the Biden administration admitted that its plan to reopen the nation’s schools would only see about half the children back in classrooms, for as little as one day per week. Additionally. the proposal could apply to as few as 50 percent of schools by the end of April. In other words, the Biden Administration is delivering on about 10 percent of the Biden campaign’s promises.

Responding to this stunning revelation, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today:


“Getting just 10 percent of what Joe Biden and his pals promised you? That is what you voted for.

“We tried to warn you. The Democrats don’t care about you. They just wanted your vote.

“Union leaders don’t care about their workers, just their long time pals in government.

“Teachers unions don’t care about kids, just themselves.

“President Biden himself said closed classrooms were a ‘national emergency.’ If that’s the case, the plan he is offering should be graded F-minus.  It’s clear Biden is afraid of the teachers unions and won’t hold them to account.

“Meanwhile, our kids continue to suffer from the deficiencies of virtual education. They deserve better.

“Get used to it, America. Or don’t. Stand up for what’s right. Join us, and as we continue to work to help you get your kids back in school.”

TPPA has been a leader on this issue since Day One. In 2020, Ms. Martin a letter to then-President Trump to urge him to revise the guidelines for reopening schools that was signed by over 150 doctors, 70 national groups, 240 nurses and other health professionals as well as over 330 professors and teachers. She later met with President Trump and Vice President Pence to discuss the issue. The video of Ms. Martin speaking to President Trump about this issue was posted on Dan Bongino’s Facebook page and has been viewed 29 million times.  To watch the video, click here.