Tea Party Patriots Action Responds to President Trump’s Decision to End Infrastructure Talks


Atlanta, GA -Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin responds to President Trump’s remarks today after ending the scheduled infrastructure talks with Democrat leadership:

“President Trump was absolutely right today to end the infrastructure meeting with the Democrat leadership. What in the world was Speaker Pelosi thinking when she decided to declare the President was engaged in a ‘cover up’ before traveling to the White House to meet with him? Did she think the President would not hear of this unfounded insult? Speaker Pelosi’s allegations are unfounded, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who spent almost two years investigating the President and concluded there was no illegal coordination or conspiracy by the Trump campaign with Russia. The Democrat-controlled House under Speaker Pelosi is not engaging in legitimate oversight, it’s engaging in political character assassination that leaves the American people and their concerns unaddressed. Mr. Mueller’s investigation is over, and the Pelosi-led obsession with bringing Trump down is not what the people voted for. We fully support the President and his decision not to engage in any talks or negotiations with the Democrats until they end their ‘phony investigations.’ The growing economy under his leadership is proof it’s the President who has the interests of the people in mind while Pelosi and the Democrats consume themselves with their hatred for him.”