Tea Party Patriots Action Responds to MLB Moving Allstar Game from Georgia Because of Dems Lies About New Voting Laws


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement in regard to the MLB moving the 2021 All Star Game from Atlanta because of Democrats lies about new Georgia voting laws.

“Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game is wrong-headed and hypocritical.  

“Anyone who actually reads the law Georgia passed knows that it will make voting in Georgia easier than it was before, and will make it easier than voting in states like New York and Delaware, while also making it harder for people to cheat.  

“The simple truth is: Major League Baseball caved to the woke cancel culture based on lies. And this decision will hurt the people and small businesses Major League Baseball claims to care about. It’s time to ask Major League Baseball when it will move its headquarters out of New York, where there are not as many days of early voting as there are in Georgia?  

“Major League Baseball cannot be upset with the voter ID requirements. Major League Baseball requires an ID for will call ticket pick up.  

“Further, specifically regarding voter identification requirements, is Major League Baseball aware that Georgia is one of 36 states that requires some form of identification in order to cast a ballot? In fact, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and 15 other states require not just an ID, but a photo ID. Why does Major League Baseball not want Georgians to enjoy the same level of access to voting and ballot integrity that are enjoyed by voters in 35 other states? 

“Major League Baseball should immediately reverse its decision to withdraw the All-Star Game from Atlanta.”