Tea Party Patriots Action Responds to Democrats’ Unhinged Behavior


Atlanta, GA — Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin responds to unhinged behavior exhibited by Democrats at the start of the 116th Congress.

“The 116th Congress is barely one day old, and already new members of the House Democratic caucus are going off the deep end with unhinged behavior, with intentions and actions they hid from American voters in 2018. One member publicly used the vulgar word ‘motherf****r’ — in front of her own son, no less — in calling for the President’s impeachment. Another is already calling for tax rates as high as 60 and 70 percent to fund her extreme environmental program. The House Democratic leadership has opened a Pandora’s Box that puts the country at risk, and this is only the beginning. The majority of Americans do not want this extremism, and we will remind the congressional leadership repeatedly that Americans want policies that further propel the growing economy, cut spending, keep taxes low, get our country out of debt, and secure our borders.”