Tea Party Patriots Action Opposes $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal, Urges All Senators to Vote Against Cloture


Today, a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. The Senate could vote as soon as tonight to advance the proposal, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement: 

“I strongly encourage all members of the Senate to oppose the reckless $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. Democrats have already spent and borrowed a record amount of money since President Biden took office, and there’s no reason Senate Republicans should join with them.  Senate Democrats are planning an additional $3.5 trillion in spending after they vote on the infrastructure bill.  If both these bills pass, we will be over $30 trillion in debt, and we will be crippling future generations and their ability to enjoy the lives they should.”