Tea Party Patriots Action Launches Website toRecruit and Train Poll Watchers & Poll Workers for Midterm Elections


Atlanta, GA – – Today, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) announced the creation of a website to recruit poll watchers and poll workers for the midterm elections.  The website is HelpAtThePolls.com.

This year, TPPA conducted a multi-state election integrity tour recruiting and training poll watchers and poll workers in key battleground states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.  This week alone, they have recruited over 700 volunteers and they have trained more than 8,000 volunteers over the course of the year.    

TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

“Election integrity is one of the top issues for conservatives, given the controversies over the 2020 presidential vote. One of the most important elements of election integrity is making sure there isn’t a liberal bias among poll watchers and poll workers.  In the past, training poll watchers and poll workers was an underserved priority for conservatives.  No longer.  Tea Party Patriots Action is leading the fight for election integrity.  Earlier this year, we organized a multi-state campaign to recruit and train people to be poll workers and poll watchers.  Now we are launching a new website — HelpAtThePolls.com — to bolster our recruitment efforts.   We will continue this necessary push with so much on the line in the next two weeks.”   

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, Making Election Integrity A Reality: Putting Words Into Action. To read it, click here.