Tea Party Patriots Action: It’s Time To Reverse the Resistance


July 26, 2019 – Atlanta, GA –  Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action, today urged opponents of President Trump to reverse their unfounded resistance to his governance, and look instead for opportunities to work for the good of the country:

 “Today, the Supreme Court properly ruled in favor of the Trump Administration and against the Sierra Club, which improperly sued the government in an attempt to exploit our legal system and interfere with the will of the American people.

“Any reasonable person would acknowledge that Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States in 2016 was a mandate to build the wall, uphold the integrity of our borders, and defend the sovereignty of our nation. By choosing President Trump, the electorate made clear its preference to see those policies enacted. When will ‘the Resistance’ recognize its determination to oppose President Trump’s lawful and legitimate governance is, in reality, nothing more than a determined effort to subvert the legitimate results of the democratic election of 2016?

“Today’s opinion follows many months of the Administration’s non-stop fight to deliver upon the campaign’s promises to the American people. Tea Party Patriots Action looks forward to seeing the immediate commencement of construction of a wall at our southern border.”