Tea Party Patriots Action Fully Opposes H.R. 1 Ahead of Senate Rules Committee Hearing


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairmen Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement ahead of the Senate Rules Committee hearing this morning:

“Whether you’re talking about H.R. 1 or S. 1, the Corrupt Politicians Act is outrageous. It would ruin election integrity by eliminating many of the safeguards that discourage voter fraud. It would codify the chaos we saw in last year’s election, including: universal mail-in ballots, ballot trafficking or harvesting, and same day registration. The bill would overturn Voter ID in 35 states. 

“A recent poll by the Honest Elections Project shows that 77 percent of Americans believe that someone should be required to present some form of identification to vote; that includes large majorities among African-Americans, Latinos and even those who voted for Joe Biden.

“This bill is a scurrilous attempt by congressional Democrats to take their slim temporary majority and turn it into permanent political control. It must be defeated.”