Tea Party Patriots Action Files Complaint Against Judge Who Approved Raid on Trump Residence


Judge Reinhart Had a Conflict of Interest & a Pattern of Bias, Should Be Removed as a Federal Magistrate

Atlanta, GA – –Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) announced today that it filed a complaint for “unethical and prejudicial conduct” against Judge Bruce E. Reinhart, the judge who approved the warrant to search President Trump’s residence. The complaint accuses Judge Reinhart of having a “conflict of interest and a pattern and history of hostility to President Trump.”  The complaint then lists seven “undisputed facts” supporting the accusation.  The complaint was filed in the Judicial Council of the Eleventh Circuit. To read it, click here. Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

“Judge Reinhart acted unethically in approving the warrant to search President Trump’s residence. Judge Reinhart is a Democrat who donated to former President Obama.  The judge publicly denigrated former President Trump in social media posts. Just two months ago, he recused himself from a lawsuit involving President Trump in his suit against Hillary Clinton, citing a ‘conflict of interest.’ He has a history of ethical issues, most notably his conduct during the Jeffrey Epstein investigation and prosecution. He should be disciplined and removed as a federal magistrate. The entire episode involving the search of former President Trump’s home threatens the principle of ‘equal justice under law’ and the confidence of the American people in an unbiased judiciary.”