Tea Party Patriots Action Falls Down, Gets Up, Comments on the Border Wall Funding Deal


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin, after picking herself up off the floor — the floor to which she had fallen after reading some of the scant details of the “deal” reached by congressional “negotiators” — had several very unkind things to say:

“For more than three decades, we have been promised border security. For more than three decades, like Charlie Brown falling for Lucy’s football trick, we have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked. We have had enough.

“This so-called ‘deal’ is worse than a joke. It does not even begin to address the very real crisis at our southern border, and continues to play politics with our national security.  The paltry funding for physical barriers and for detention beds is ridiculous. This ‘deal’ merely continues to serve the purposes of  ‘Open Borders Democrats.’

“Last week, an ICE briefer was not allowed in the room when these ‘negotiators’ were hashing out details of what our law enforcement personnel would be allowed. Yesterday, dozens of sheriffs arrived on Capitol Hill to make their case. But based on the outcome of these ‘negotiations,’ the concerns of neither ICE nor the sheriffs were addressed properly.

“Like President Trump, we are not happy. We stand with the President, and urge Republicans and like-minded Democrats to hold strong in demanding all $5.7 billion for wall funding and providing as many detention beds as necessary to secure our border.”