Tea Party Patriots Action Calls on NSBA Leadership to Stop Pushing Critical Race Theory and Resign, Demands FBI Stop Investigating Parents Who Spoke Up at School Board Meetings


Atlanta, GA – On Friday, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) Board of Directors sent a letter to its members apologizing for sending a letter to President Biden urging the FBI to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists. The NSBA is embroiled in multiple controversies, including mask mandates in schools and the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Last week, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) released an 88-minute video tutorial educating parents about the NSBA and urging parents to shut it down.  TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement: 

“The NSBA’s apology is too little too late.  The only reason they are apologizing is because of intense media backlash.  Their leadership remains dedicated to left-wing causes, including Critical Race Theory. If the NSBA truly wants to win back support from parents, they should stop pushing CRT and their leadership should resign.

“Given the NSBA’s apology, the FBI should immediately cease any investigations into parents who spoke up at local school board meetings.  The FBI should never have done that to begin with. 

“Parents who care about their children’s education should be applauded, not treated as potential domestic terrorists. 

“Further, the NSBA is apparently more interested in representing the teachers unions than the school boards it claims to support. How else to explain the NSAB’s parallel efforts to keep our children masked in school? We now know the teachers unions were influencing the CDC’s recommendations for political reasons, and the NSAB went right along.

“Public service employees in government agencies such as the FBI and CDC must stop protecting special interests groups and start protecting constitutional rights.”

In June, TPPA released a 46-page toolkit educating parents on how to fight NSBA-backed CRT indoctrination. Since August, TPPA has organized 350 protests nationwide against mask and vaccine mandates. TPPA’s video, “Teaching Accountability: How the NSBA Works and How to Shut It Down,” can be watched here.