Tea Party Patriots Action Applauds Chairman Biggs for Being First House Member to Sign TPPA “No Earmarks Pledge”


WOODSTOCK, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today acknowledged receipt of U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs’ signed “No Earmark Pledge” and released the following statement:

“U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs – Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus – has signed TPPA’s No Earmarks Pledge, and we applaud him for it. Chairman Biggs is the first member of Congress to sign on, and we are counting on others to follow his leadership to publicly pledge to oppose and vote against any spending bill that contains a congressional earmark or ‘member-directed community funding project.’

“No matter what you call them – ‘member-directed community spending,’ ‘community project funding,’ or whatever – earmarks are the currency of corruption, and they fuel spending growth. They are the very definition of special interest spending. With our national debt approaching $30 trillion, it’s clear the Washington swamp doesn’t need any more tools at its disposal to grease the skids for reckless spending. What it needs instead is strong leaders committed to getting federal spending under control. 

“That’s why we created the No Earmark Pledge – a public vow to be taken by members of Congress and those who wish to be members of Congress, so the public can tell who’s part of the spending problem and who’s part of the solution. 

“The text of the No Earmark Pledge is simple: ‘I, ________, pledge to the constituents of the ________ district of the State of ________ and to all Americans that I will oppose, and vote against, any spending bill that includes a congressional earmark or any “member-directed community funding” project.’

“Those members of Congress (and those who wish to be members of Congress) who are committed to ending Washington’s reckless spending ways should have no trouble signing, and living up to, this No Earmark Pledge. 

“We intend to deploy our national grassroots network to inform Americans all over who’s on their side, and who is not. And we are making a bet that when next year’s midterm elections roll around, voters will act accordingly.”