State of the Union Preview


Tonight is the State of the Union, the yearly address to a joint session of Congress by the President. This year is bound to be an absolute doozy. President Trump will likely be acquitted of all charges tomorrow after the biggest sham impeachment process the country has ever seen. Trump took 97% of the Iowa Republican Caucus last night. The Democrats’ dismal Iowa performance has the party in shambles. Basically, tonight is a victory lap for the President and the Republican Party as a whole. Cheers!

To see what kind of accomplishments President Trump will be touting look no further than the list of honored guests released by the White House. Here’s one set of guests as a preview:

Stephanie and Janiyah Davis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Janiyah is a 4th grade student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She loves art and math, but for too long she has been assigned to low-performing schools. Her mom, Stephanie, is a hardworking single mother who tried to apply for a tax credit scholarship. But due to Pennsylvania’s governor recently vetoing school choice legislation, Janiyah remained among the estimated 50,000 students on a waitlist.

School choice is oftentimes left out of speeches and issue advocacy because it isn’t as flashy as other issues. However, how our young citizens are educated could not be more important to the future of the country. Good on President Trump for highlighting this issue.