Socialism Doesn’t Happen Overnight. Ask a Survivor


Everyone has seen and heard of the dire situation Venezuela finds itself in. The country is mired in political unrest marked by an attempt to overthrow an oppressive regime. The circumstances that grip Venezuela today did not arise from a sudden and explosive takeover by socialism; it was a slow creep of tyrannical policies and power-hungry politicians who wanted to control everything.

Venezuela was once a prosperous paradise, a booming nation fueled by their oil-rich lands. Would-be socialist dictators saw the wealth the country had accrued and wanted all of it for themselves. So, they ran for office, instituted policies, and slowly took over until the time came that Venezuelans elected a socialist president in a democratic election. Immediately, the socialists changed the rules, flipped the constitution on its head, and instituted control over every aspect of industry.

Meet Oskar Arreaza. He and his wife fled Venezuela after the socialist government handed the keys to a home he had built to a customer who would not pay. Now, he travels throughout America and speaks on the dangers of socialism; how every country is only one generation away from tyranny. The United States could learn some lessons from Oskar, and the tragedy that has befallen his home country, Venezuela.

Watch his story: