Project Veritas Reveals Big Tech’s Political Agenda


Project Veritas did it again! The group well-known for exposing the Left released a new undercover video of a Senior Google Executive, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider exposing the agenda of Google. The big tech company means to “prevent” the next “Trump situation” and influence the election by monitoring and censoring content that means to hurt the Left. Conservatives, as well as nonpartisan critics, are in danger of being censored by Google and its subsidiary YouTube.

More on the story:

The insider who spoke to Project Veritas also drew attention to the covert suppression of non-progressive voices on YouTube, a Google-owned platform, said that stopping President Donald Trump and other politicians like Trump has become a priority for the tech giant.

The insider claimed that the company did a “complete 180 in what they thought was important,” abandoning earlier ideals of self-expression and “giving everyone a voice” in favor of crackdowns on “hate.”

Previous leaks from Google support the insider’s account of a dramatic shift in thinking following the election of Trump. An internal company document titled “The Good Censor” leaked to Breitbart News last year admits that the company has undergone a “shift towards censorship,” in part as a response to the events of 2016.

Project Veritas also obtained undercover footage revealing yet another Google executive declaring the company’s intention to intervene in its products to stop Trump in 2020. “Responsible innovation” head Jen Gennai was recorded stating that Google shouldn’t be broken up because smaller companies couldn’t prevent “another Trump situation.”

It’s no surprise that big tech companies like Google are biased against conservatives, but now it’s been confirmed that these companies mean to influence the 2020 election by censoring content right of Lenin. We are grateful for Project Veritas and similar groups who reveal the Left’s treachery. Americans deserve to know the truth and when they do, that’s when the Left will lose.