Poll: Majority of Americans Want Less Federal Spending


Both chambers passed a measure that would add $320 billion to our national debt and would suspend the $22 trillion national debt ceiling. Not only are conservative lawmakers in Congress outraged, but a majority of Americans are as well.  A recent poll revealed 56 percent of respondents agreed that “cutting government spending is better for the long-term health of the economy.” Only 21 percent said increasing spending would be better.

The Epoch Times has the details:

A bigger majority, 59 percent, said the U.S. economy would benefit from “cutting budget deficits,” while 16 percent said bigger deficits would be better.

A plurality of the respondents, 41 percent, agreed that fewer regulations would result in a healthier economy, with 35 percent preferring more government rules.

Rasmussen conducts the Weekly Pulse survey for the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF). The survey interviewed 1,074 individuals on July 29–30, and the results have a 3 percentage point margin of error. The JCNF advocates for conservative economic policies on behalf of small business.

Majority support exists for cutting spending across gender and generational lines, with 54 percent of men favoring fewer government outlays, and 57 percent of women doing so.

Similarly, majorities for spending cuts were seen in every age group except those between 35 and 49 years. Support for cuts reached 52 percent among 18–24 year-olds, 57 percent among those between 50 and 64, and zoomed to 67 percent among those 65 and older.

The only segment where less than a majority backed spending cuts was among those 35–49, with 48 percent.

The same pattern was seen when the results were viewed via generations, with 62 percent support for spending cuts among Baby Boomers, 53 percent among Gen Xers, and 52 percent among Gen Zers. Only 49 percent of Millennials supported spending cuts.

Among ethnic groups, whites were strongly supportive of spending cuts at 59 percent, as were Hispanics at 55 percent, but the approach only received support among a plurality, 41 percent, of blacks and Asians.

The economy is booming right now and this is the best time to focus on paying off our debt. The majority of Americans want the federal government to stop frivolously spending and to figure out a way to pay off our debt instead of leaving the tab for future generations to deal with. Many members of Congress are out of touch with the rest America and the latest bill proves just that.