Patriots Spotlight: Grannie on a Mission


Carol Davis was raised in a conservative home but veered politically left for a while. She was working her part-time job bartending at a local bowling alley in Chicago when she heard Rick Santelli make his rant in 2009. As a divorced mom who worked two jobs for over 40 years to make ends meet, his rant really struck a chord with her.

When she heard about groups of regular citizens making plans to protest that February in Chicago, she signed up. Davis joined the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party that April and traveled to Washington, D.C. to protest that September. She eventually started her own group in 2010. She feels that leading a group of patriots in a state like Illinois has been such an encouragement to a great number of Illinoisans. Her group grew so large, thanks to many good people helping and getting involved.

Davis stayed involved since then because of the combative nature of the left threatening our freedoms. She considers herself a “Grannie on a Mission”!

Her tea party mission has evolved into a statewide organization, which continues to educate people, help good people become candidates, and work on specific projects like election integrity and local and statewide tax relief. She’s happy to know she’s not alone, and that many others still believe in, and will work hard to preserve personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future for future generations.