Now African Migrants Abuse the American Immigration System


The illegal immigration crisis has risen to a whole new level. Last week, border patrol agents arrested 116 illegal immigrants from Cameroon, Congo and Angola wading across the Rio Grande River. Our immigration laws have been given the reputation of being laxed that migrants from countries around the world are taking advantage. This comes around the same time President Trump tweeted about imposing a 5% tariff on all goods coming from Mexico to force the country to do more to enforce the law.

Washington Times has the story:

Like Central American groups, this one was comprised of children and families, and appeared to be attempting to exploit the same loopholes the Central Americans discovered they could use to gain an illegal foothold in the U.S. and escape deportation.

“Bring a child, get released,” said a Customs and Border Protection official.

CBP said the group included people from Angola, Cameroon and Congo. Other African migrants have previously benefitted from the family loophole, but never in such a single large group.

Authorities released surveillance video showing the migrants crossing the Rio Grande, with adults wading in water up to their waists, pulling children alongside them or carrying little ones on their shoulders.

The expansion of the large-group tactic beyond migrants from the western hemisphere is a worrying sign for a border already overstretched.

The official said it was too early to say what routes the African migrants took.

Illegal immigration is on the rise in our country. Until politicians on the Hill begin taking this matter seriously, we’re going to continue seeing a rise, not only from Central American countries, but also from nations worldwide.