New York City is a Liberal Paradise


Democrats love to pretend that their pet project cities full of liberal policies and values are slices of heaven on Earth. They’re delusional. New York City is a perfect example. The City Council is dedicating much of its efforts to reduce the homelessness problem that has gripped the progressive paradise. Their solution is to just hand out money at homeless shelters. How are they going to pay for this you may be asking yourself. Well, you’d think that the Council would take that money out of their $85 Billion budget, but no. In fact the New York City Council is calling for even more taxes in the city.

New York Daily News has the story:

Nearly three dozen City Council members are backing a bill that would significantly increase cash assistance in the form of rental vouchers people get when they leave homeless shelters.

The bill, sponsored by Councilman Stephen Levin (D-Brooklyn), would increase voucher values to the federally mandated fair market value, which would mean more rental options in an extremely tight affordable housing market.

“If we are ever going to reduce the homeless population in any meaningful way, the pillar of that policy has to be an effective rental voucher program so families can move out of shelter into affordable housing,” Levin said.

Levin’s bill would require the city increase the amount of money attached to the CityFHEPS voucher program to up to $2,472 from $2,040 a month for a three-bedroom apartment and to $1,714 and $1,951 a month on one- and two-bedroom units, respectively. Currently under the program, vouchers cover up to $1,323 for a one bedroom and $1,580 for a two bedroom.

FHEPS stands for Fighting Homelessness & Eviction Prevention Supplement.

After the State Assembly celebrated the passing of a barbaric abortion law last year, nothing is beyond the pale for New Yorkers.