Medicare for All Will Run & Ruin Your Life


2020 Democrats, besides Joe Biden, all have one thing in common: their support for Medicare for All. Joe Biden continues to speak of the non-existent successes of Obamacare, claiming he will build on the abject failure that is the Affordable Care Act. But, while he aimlessly babbles on, all other 2020 Democrats continue their push for a single-payer system.

They point to examples like Sweden, saying that in the US we could have their fairy tale, utopian healthcare system.

The truth? According to Curtis Thompson, writing in the Jefferson City News Tribune, Medicare for All will run, and ruin, your life.

Medicare for All will cripple our medical care system just as it has Sweden’s. Mr. Reichel claims Sweden has a great system, but you do not hear of anyone leaving this country to go to Sweden for treatment. A simple internet search reveals many problems with its system. See for example:

If medical insurance should be provided to all citizens, how does Mr. Reichel propose paying for it? Taxes are the only answer. We already pay more taxes than we should but history proves that increased government control reduces efficiency and services in every aspect of society. The only government-run health system in this country of which I am aware is that provided by the VA. The horrors of that system are well-documented. Government provided health care is not the solution.

Why would we stop with health care? Why not let the government provide home owners’ insurance, car insurance, and malpractice insurance? If you want the government running your lives, then support Medicare for All. In addition to running your life, it will also ruin your life.

We think Curtis sums it up perfectly: Medicare for All will run and ruin your life. That’s why we must re-elect President Trump in 2020, and say no to the Democrats’ lunacy.