Leftist Gun Grabbers are Bullying Pro-Gun Politicians to Get What They Want


Leftist politicians are doing what they do best: bullying and threatening Republicans to give them what they want. Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned that if the Senate didn’t pass a universal background check bill, there would be “hell to pay.”

The Hill reports:

The House bill cleared the chamber in February but no Senate Republican has signed on as a co-sponsor, giving it long odds for clearing the upper chamber.

Schumer on Monday said the two roadblocks to the House bill becoming law are Trump and McConnell.

“It is totally up to them and it is on their shoulders, they can’t escape that responsibility,” Schumer said.

Not only are leftist politicians using bullying tactics, the people who call themselves “journalists” have stooped to their level.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow scolded Rep. Tom Reed during her Tuesday interview with him after he said he would not support universal background checks or an “assault weapons” ban.

Reed said expanding background checks while the current system still needs major fixing is a “flawed” solution.

“How is it flawed? Do you truly not believe, congressman, that having universal background checks would save lives?” Harlow asked.

“What’s flawed is you have people that are in the system today of the existing background check with false information, with erroneous information.”

The left is desperate to chip away at the Second Amendment and is willing to bully and threaten those who want to preserve those rights. We must stand up and protect the one right which secures the rest of them!