Jenny Beth’s Journal: Yes, Illegal Immigration is a Humanitarian Crisis


Democratic lawmakers refuse to look at the facts: illegal immigration in our country is out of control. About 85 percent of the migrants that have crossed over our borders in the past three months came over illegally. About 90 percent of the heroin coming into this country comes from the southern border. Americans are responsible for paying over $70,000 per illegal immigrant and that number keeps going up. When will members of Congress take this issue seriously?

The Daily Caller has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

Illegal immigration is destructive to the American communities impacted by drug trafficking and transnational crime. It puts a strain on law enforcement resources and burdens our nation’s legal immigration system, with immigration courts facing a backlog of over 786,000 pending cases in fiscal 2018.

In other words, our nation’s broken immigration system and weak borders are hurting the countless individuals who have chosen to respect the rule of law and wait their turn to pursue the American dream.

As President Trump said in his Tuesday night address from the Oval Office, “America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation. But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration.”

That is why the president continues to ask Democrats to work with his administration on an agreement that would fund both the government and a wall on our southern border. His proposal makes sense: $5.7 billion in border security funding to build a physical barrier, hire immigration judges, border patrol agents, and law enforcement personnel, and provide humanitarian resources.

Walls work. The wall built in 1992 in San Diego led to a 92 percent reduction in apprehensions of illegal border crossers over 23 years. The wall built in El Paso in 1993 led to a 95 percent reduction in apprehensions of illegal border crossers over 22 years. The wall built in Tucson in 2000 led to a 90 percent reduction in apprehensions of illegal border crossers over 15 years. And the wall built in Yuma in 2005 led to a 95 percent reduction in apprehensions of illegal border crossers over 9 years.

The president’s request contains provisions similar to those Democrats supported just a few short years ago: Many of them have previously voted to provide billions for border security and build a fence as a barrier between the United States and Mexico.

Walls work and Democrats know it. This is all a game of politics and it’s a dangerous game to play when so many lives are on the line. It’s time to put the American people first and take border security seriously.