Jenny Beth’s Journal: To Stop Socialism, There Needs To Be Awareness


Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines introduced a new resolution—S. Res. 289—to denounce socialism as it “poses a significant threat to freedom, liberty and economic prosperity.” Is it necessary? Absolutely! The problem is very few people out there know and understand the incoming threat of socialism.

RealClear Politics has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

The truth of the Bennett “open gates” test is so obvious that if I did not know better, I would think the Daines resolution is irrelevant and unnecessary. Yet, according to the polling industry’s best practitioners, too many of our fellow citizens out there – tens of millions, in fact – seem to have been seduced by the siren call of socialism.

In a new Fox News poll, for instance, more than half the Democrat primary voters surveyed – 54%, to be exact – say that the U.S. moving away from capitalism and more toward socialism would be a “good thing,” while just 33% of Democrat primary voters say it would be a “bad thing.”

A May Gallup poll showed that 43% of Americans believe “some form of socialism would be a good thing for the country as a whole.” And an August 2018 Gallup survey revealed that Democratic survey-responders had a more positive view of socialism than they did of capitalism.

Let’s call this what it is – a knowledge problem. Far too many of our fellow citizens simply do not have the proper knowledge of world events to know what history has demonstrated conclusively: that socialism is a failed system leading to the loss of liberty and the imposition of misery. Given that multiple generations of our citizenry have now been taught by leftist instructors and influenced by left-wing media and culture, this shouldn’t be surprising.

Fixing a problem first requires acknowledging that the problem exists. Before we can go about fixing this particular knowledge problem, we need to know who among our leaders are problems themselves. In the Senate, that requires a vote on the Daines resolution.

History has proven time and time again that socialism doesn’t work and it’s unfortunate that a lot of people are ignorant of the facts. It’s up to us to educate the people and raise awareness about the dangers of socialism. Join us at the Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom rally in September to make your voice heard. We can work together to get the word out and show socialists America will never fall into their grasps.