Jenny Beth’s Journal: Do Liberals Believe in Transparency? Not Really.


Should Democratic voters be outraged that liberal judicial activists are keeping a secret list of potential judicial nominees? Absolutely! For a group that demands transparency from President Trump – who has been transparent about his judicial choices since the beginning – they refuse to practice what they preach.

Fox News has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

Their refusal to reveal the list to public scrutiny should open them up to a rightful charge of hypocrisy. The American public should demand that they reveal the list, so voters can know up front what they can expect if a liberal Democrat defeats President Trump next year. That way, voters can make an informed decision after comparing the list of liberal potential judicial nominees to President Trump’s list of potential judicial nominees.

Is there any possible reason to keep the list secret other than the obvious one –- that is, that the liberals who are putting the list together fear that exposure of the names on the list would actually harm the eventual Democratic nominee for president?

Not publicizing the list only serves to raise interest in it. And what are the odds that a list of liberal potential judicial nominees is going to remain secret for another 18 months? Hardly likely, I’d say, especially given that, according to The Times, there are “more than 30 law professors and lawyers [who] will serve as an advisory board to this effort.” When was the last time more than 30 people could keep a secret as juicy as this?

The longer these liberal activists hold onto the list, the more damaging it will be to their own cause. Refusal to do so is just downright hypocritical.