Grab Your Popcorn! Mueller Testimony Welcomes the Deranged Democrat Circus


Democrats are strong-arming Robert Mueller, forcing him to come out of retirement and testify in front of their kangaroo court. Negotiations for receiving Mueller’s testimony broke down once already, delaying the proceedings a week, to July 24th. The actual date of Mueller’s testimony may be pushed back again, or a chance remains that he may not testify at all.

Fox News has the story:

Baier said Democrats are hoping a televised reading of the report will help move the electorate back to their side and claimed some of them are simply searching for a soundbite to use for their reelection campaigns.

“We should put the caveat in there that this is not a done deal yet. This negotiation is still going on. This could all fall apart still,” Baier said. “And he is a reluctant witness. He’s been subpoenaed. The Justice Department says, ‘You don’t have to do it.’ He doesn’t want to do it. And the whole negotiation about how many questions, it’s because the rank and file want to have their spotlight, their time in the sun. And the Democrats who are obviously running for reelection want to have something where they’re quizzing the former special counsel, that they can put in a TV ad.”

He also said Democrats hope to bolster the report’s credibility by having the special counsel read it in his own voice, and claimed Republicans will look to take advantage of the hearing to expose anti-Trump bias within the government and within Mueller’s investigative team.

“I think the Democrats are hoping that they get a little bit more, but they’re hoping that he expands a little bit. But [Mueller] may not, and he’s forecasted that he wasn’t going to,” he said earlier in the interview. “A lot of Democrats up there don’t think that the American people read it or paid attention to the 448-page report. And they want to put it out there.”

If and when Mueller gives his testimony, his answers are likely to be widely ignored by Democratic members, just like his report was. Expect plenty of shouting, useless lines of questioning, and a clambering for the best soundbite.