Drain the Swamp with Term Limits in Congress


The Founders never envisioned a Permanent Ruling Class! They envisioned a legislature of “citizen legislators” who would serve no more than a few terms, then return to their previous lives. Unfortunately, we have created career politicians who are in it for the long haul, and in it for themselves. These politicians no longer remember why they came to Washington and who they represent. It’s unfortunate, especially now with lawmakers completely out of touch with their constituents are conducting a witch hunt for political reasons.

We need to drain the swamp by passing and ratifying a constitutional amendment establishing term limits for Congress. The Heritage Foundation lists three reasons why Congress needs term limits:

  1. Legislative resistance to term limits is in sharp contrast with private citizens’ strong support for them.
  2. The only serious opponents of term limits are incumbent politicians and the special interests — particularly labor unions — that support them.
  3. Congressional term limits are a necessary corrective to inequalities which inevitably hinder challengers and aid incumbents.

It’s important for Congress to act on preserving our personal freedom, economic freedoms, and to work towards a debt-free future. Blinded by power, greed and reelection, our legislative body is failing us. It’s time to pass and ratify a constitutional amendment establishing term limits for Congress.