Demand Justice’s List is a Radical Recipe for Disaster


Demand Justice, a radical left-wing group, released its list of ideal Supreme Court justices, and it should terrify both parties. The group’s main objective is to turn the Supreme Court into a political super-legislature.

The National Review has the details:

Demand Justice’s list has 32 names on it. Only four of those are Obama-nominated judges. Shockingly, only eight have any judicial experience at all! While President Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees currently includes 24 individuals, of whom 23 are experienced federal or state judges, the extremists at Demand Justice have clearly taken a different tack. Their list — which they are lobbying Democratic candidates to adopt — is wholly consumed by far-left activism and identity politics.

They see the courts as their ticket to implementing their radical policy agenda, which includes gutting the First and Second Amendments, establishing a right to illegal immigration and abortion on demand straight through birth, and destroying our economy by imposing burdensome regulations on everyone from Main Street to Wall Street.

And the newly published list neatly lines up with their radical policy agenda. For every specific policy goal that the extreme left wants to implement, Demand Justice has provided a name — or two or three — of an ultra-liberal lawyer who has made that cause a focus of his or her activism.

These radical leftist groups seem to have forgotten the role of the U.S. Supreme Court. It is not a legislative body, and it shouldn’t be a body of individuals with little to no judicial experience. Furthermore, the Court shouldn’t be treated as a branch to advance a radical leftist agenda. The Court’s role in our government is to uphold the rule of law, absent of partisan bias. The Democratic party should not take Demand Justice and its list seriously.