China is Responsible for America’s Opioid Crisis

Opioid Crisis

Besides malicious currency manipulation and trade practices, China harms America in another way: drugs. Deadly opioids flood American streets and communities, causing the opioid epidemic we now find ourselves in. Fentanyl is the drug causing most of the overdoses in America, since the fatal limit of fentanyl is only 2 milligrams. China traffics this drug through our southern border, and other illicit shipping routes that lead directly into our mainland.

The Heritage Foundation breaks it down:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has identified China as the primary source of illicit fentanyl and the painkiller’s analogues that enter our country. Drug traffickers use two primary techniques for delivering fentanyl manufactured in China: It is either shipped directly into the U.S. via international mail or shipped into Mexico to be smuggled into America.

Fentanyl is a unique drug in several ways. The profit margin is remarkable: A $3,000 investment can produce $1,500,000 in earnings. A laboratory-made drug, fentanyl requires less time and space to produce than its agricultural counterpart, heroin. Chemists can manufacture fentanyl in small labs and use easy shipment methods.

The amount of fentanyl necessary to produce its painkilling effect is so small that manufacturers can ship it in ordinary packages such as envelopes used for ordinary letters. Cheap production isn’t the only economic benefit suppliers have on their side. Fentanyl is said to produce a better high and be more addictive and potent than heroin (50 to 100 times more powerful).

This poison isn’t affecting only addicts. In some cases, first responders have inhaled airborne fentanyl, resulting in a contact overdose.

It is time to take on China when it comes to the drug trade. They cannot get away with poisoning our cities and our people. It’s another reason why we must build a wall at our southern border before the opioid crisis spirals out of control.