Another 1,200 Person Caravan Forming to Invade Our Southern Border

border wall

The southern border is in crisis as more illegal immigrants are entering than the country can handle. A recent article detailed the incredible impacts on local communities on the border. In the El Paso region of Texas, over 400 illegal immigrants crossed the border in just five minutes. This incredible flow of people is forcing immigration authorities to release illegal immigrants into the community, a community where shelters and temporary housing are already at capacity. Sadly, it is only getting worse.

A new caravan just formed inside Mexico of over 1,200 people. This is a group of people from Central and South America planning on pushing their way to America and forcing their way into our country. Just like the caravans last year, Mexico is likely to do little to stop the flow of people to our border. As we prepare for more clashes at the border, this will only heighten the need to increase border security. A nation must control its own borders.

Thankfully the Trump administration is doing all it can. It is trying to insist that individuals stay in Mexico to apply for asylum. More importantly, it is moving forward with building the wall. As part of President Trump’s emergency declaration, the Pentagon has transferred $1 billion towards building the wall on the southern border. While this is only the beginning, it is an important first step. The President is going to keep looking for ways to secure the border, and Congress must join him in this effort.