Americans Want to Keep Their Private Insurance


Among the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, multiple opinions exist on the nature of a future healthcare insurance system in America. All want a public option, AKA socialized healthcare, but they differ on whether or not they believe private healthcare should be abolished. Bernie Sanders leads the fight as one who would abolish the private healthcare industry in favor of his Medicare-For-All plan.

Washington Examiner has the story:

As Kamala Harris equivocates on her position on healthcare, Bernie Sanders has thrown down the gauntlet: Either you support the elimination of private insurance, or you aren’t really for “Medicare for all.”

In an emailed statement to campaign reporters titled “Sanders Calls for No Middle Ground on Medicare for All,” the Vermont socialist senator says:

“Let us all be very clear about this. If you support Medicare for All, you have to be willing to end the greed of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. That means boldly transforming our dysfunctional system by ending the use of private health insurance, except to cover non-essential care like cosmetic surgeries. And it means guaranteeing health care to everyone through Medicare with no premiums, no deductibles and no copays. It is imperative that we remain steadfast in our commitment to guarantee health care as a human right and no longer allow private corporations to make billions of dollars in profits off Americans’ health care.”

Bernie is way off the reservation on this one. Abolishing an entire industry is a great way to earn the righteous anger of thousands of suddenly unemployed Americans. Not to mention, the government isn’t very efficient when it comes to public services. No thank you, Bernie, Americans will keep their private insurance.