A Victory for Free Speech


Our freedom of speech in America is under constant attack. Nowhere is this more obvious than on our college campuses. Progressive campus administrators and professors go out of their way to shut down speech they disagree with. Luckily, this is something our court system does not stand for.

Read more about a recent victory over Iowa State University in Campus Reform:

A recent settlement agreed to between a free speech advocacy group and Iowa State University has restored some confidence in the rights of Iowa students.

Speech First, an organization that advocates for freedom of speech across all American campuses, filed its initial lawsuit against Iowa State University in January due to what it said were infringements on students’ First Amendment right by the university.

Specifically, the university was accused of impeding on students’ ability to send political emails relating to elections and having an unjust policy against chalking political slogans, phrases, or terms on Iowa State’s campus.

The complaint also noted that the university employed a “Campus Climate Reporting System,” which was said to trample on students’ free speech rights by encouraging other students to report the speech of their peers.

Students were subjected to being questioned by the university’s authority which consisted of contacting students privately or meeting with students directly to discuss speech accused of exhibiting “bias.”

Congratulations to Speech First and their great victory. They are fighting the good fight on our nation’s campuses. There are plenty more schools like Iowa State, and rest assured they will eventually cave under the weight of freedom.