5 Reasons Not To Move To California


California is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to high taxation. They tax their citizens so much it is a wonder they have so many issues with putrid streets full of waste! California collected $30.67 billion worth of taxes in 2018. Consider this a “Why You Shouldn’t Move To California” listicle. Thanks to The Balance for the figures:

1. California Sales Tax

-Highest in the nation at 7.25 percent


2. Other California State Excise Taxes

-Basically an additional sales tax on certain goods


3. California Property Tax


4. California State Income Tax

-One of the highest in the country


5. Capital Gains Tax in California

-No special provisions or tax breaks

There you have it, five good reasons not to move to California. With the mass exodus of their citizens to Texas, how long until there’s no one left to tax?