Tax Reform

Our country’s tax code is unfair, punitive and out of control. [1]  The complicated web of loopholes and deductions hinders opportunity for Americans to save for college, retirement or other important quality of life concerns.  Simply put, we want hard working Americans to keep more of the money they earn.

When given the choice between paying higher taxes and receiving fewer government services, a vast number of Americans chose receiving fewer government services.  This makes sense when we see that Americans – by a roughly 70 to 20 margin – believe the way to solve our fiscal challenges and grow the economy is by cutting spending rather than tax hikes.

 How it Affects You:

  • The Tax Foundation notes [2] that “Americans spend 6.1 billion hours every year attempting to comply with the internal revenue code, at a monetary cost of about $168 billion.”
  • Due to the complexity of the tax system, 59% of individual tax payers hire tax preparers [3] to complete their returns while another 30% of individual tax payers pay for software to facilitate their tax returns.
  •  “The average taxpayer spends about $258 dollars in out of pocket expense to comply plus about 18 hours of time.”[4]
  • The burdensome and unfair tax code is another way in which Washington has placed your job and your opportunities under assault.  Under Barack Obama, there have been many new taxes imposed on the American people, including at least 20 new or higher taxes in Obamacare. [5]
  • The tax code’s enormity and complexity are a threat to your freedom and your rights because it can easily be used by the IRS to selectively persecute certain groups and individuals, as it did with Tea Party and conservative groups.