to Grow Jobs and Your Opportunities

We stand for economic freedom which means a growing economy with reduced tax rates and reduced government spending so we all have a chance to earn more money and businesses can hire more people.

We support policies that allow you to keep more of your own money to do with as you see fit and policies that will provide for and enable opportunities to find good jobs or create and grow businesses. Likewise, we support policies that will present the best chances for the United States to grow and maintain its position as the world leader for economic opportunity.

Washington has made it very difficult for the average person to get ahead, and they have been very poor stewards of our tax dollars. Many of its policies, no matter what the initial intent might have been, often end up restricting economic opportunities and job growth, the encumbrance of additional taxes and regulations are sure means to failure.

With lower taxes, individuals and families will have greater resources and opportunities. It is in keeping with the principles of the American Dream: Working hard and being rewarded; keeping more of what you earn, and using it as you believe is in your best interest without harming others.   The surest road to this economic growth and the freedom from our looming debt is through a tax policy that is fair, flat, and fixed. If it were, individual Americans would best determine the use of their money, and businesses would be afforded the predictability of tax rates, allowing them to grow and hire more employees.

While America’s founding principles began as a beacon to anyone running from tyranny, today’s permanent political class has become a significant roadblock to pursuing and achieving the American Dream. This has resulted in a lower standard of living for too many, and the general feeling of financial uncertainty and despair among those who used to believe in hope, sensing that their American Dream is far out of reach.   Tea Party Patriots support greater competition among producers and providers, which will compel competitive pricing for goods and services. We support policies that empower individual citizens, not Washington’s insiders, thus reducing what Washington spends so more can remain in your hands; empowering you to decide the best use of your money.