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Jenny Beth Martin: Amending an Amendment

Apr 23, 2014

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin

The Bill of Rights was drafted as a document limiting the reach of government and recognizing maximum freedom to individuals and the states. This broad philosophy is the foundation of grass-roots conservative in the tea party movement. But over time,…

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Waiting for Justice

Apr 21, 2014

It should come as no surprise that most Americans want justice in the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal. Thus, it’s not surprising that most think the Obama Administration has fumbled its “investigation.” According to a recent Fox News poll, 67…

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Obamacare Tax: Robbing Peter to Pay Politics

Apr 17, 2014

The Administration’s 15-day extension given to those enrollees who encountered technical difficulties on the federal exchange ended Tuesday, coinciding with one of the most dreaded days of the year – Tax Day. With the penalty ultimately being deemed a tax…

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Join us, this Tax Day

Apr 14, 2014

This year, let’s do more than just silently watch another Tax Day come and go.  If we’re going to push our representatives in Washington to enact serious reforms at the Internal Revenue Service and in the current tax code, we…

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